Understanding that educating the Chinese luxury consumers comes before commerce, the newly launched members-only fashion website Bomoda offers China’s 200 million luxury consumers an opportunity to learn about those Western brands beyond the current handful of favorites.

Expanding China’s fashion education is key to the continued growth of the Chinese luxury market.

Run by a staff of eight in New York and other correspondents in London, Shanghai, and Beijing, Bomoda expects to attract 200,000 members by the end of the year.

The website, founded by Brian Buchwald, Alain Rothstein, Suki Sun, and Mark Angelillo,  expect to secure an additional $1 million in capital according to WWD, that Buchwald said, will be put toward developing a mobile app.

Within a year, once a solid membership is secured, the founders plan to launch an e-commerce branch of the site. For the moment, Bomoda exists to make Chinese luxury consumers aware of the goings on in the fashion capitals of the world: London and New York now, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo later. Members have access to a newsletter published four times weekly, as well as a Weibo group with exclusive fashion and pop culture content. Bomoda is only published in Chinese.

To create buzz, merchandise from brand partners such as Michael Kors, Jill Stuart, and Tom Bins are offered in raffles to those members who refer five friends to Bomoda. “Bomoda recognizes the exceptional opportunity with Chinese customers and retail tourists, and they have created a unique vehicle in which to reach them,” Stuart said.



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