Bund 22, the latest development phase of Shanghai’s Bund waterfront, is open after three years and millions of dollars of renovation. The new building promises to take Chinese luxury shopping to another level. “You can find Chanel or Louis Vuitton or Hermes anywhere,” said Michelle Lee, president of Bund 22. “Here, we want everything to be unique — something you can’t find anywhere else.”

The theme of Bund 22 is bespoke or custom-made products. “The needs of customers are rapidly changing. What they are looking for is personalized style. The demand for that has been rising,” Lee said.

She reports that 80 percent of the space in the new building is already leased out. Chinese couture designer Guo Pei’s flagship store is nestled in Bund 22. Custom wedding gown makerAolisha, as well as custom-jeweler C Oriental Luxurious Jewelry and bespoke suit makerEleganza Uomo have also rented space. Lee said she hopes the building will become a go-to wedding destination where brides and grooms can have dresses and suits made as well as jewelry, shoes, even wedding cakes.

Some critics believe the location of the new endeavor is not ideal: it is placed in a relatively under-developed area, and most tourists debark about a mile away from the location. Few retail spaces are visible from the street: the rest are located in the back of the building.

Lee remains confident that the emphasis on custom-made luxury will be enough to bring the complex popularity. Destinations like nightclub Cirque Du Soir and a basement wine cellar for VIP’s collections are bound to help, too.

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