Quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.  These foundations of luxury are becoming increasingly important as the luxury market becomes crowded.

Luxury companies who can capitalize on this, are scrambling to. To that end, LVMH group has revived its initiative to bring its artisans to its consumers. Louis Vuitton workshops and Hennessy cognac cellars will be thrown open for tours, as will be the Christian Dior salons and Guerlain’s perfume plant.  The Fendi workshops in Italy are also included in the campaign.

Sophisticated consumers from emerging markets pay more and more attention to where things are made and how they are made because they want products which are really exclusive and with a level of quality and craftsmanship which justify their high pricing,” said Mario Ortelli, luxury goods analyst at Bernstein.

In the past, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have romanticized their craftsmen for ad campaigns, but those artisans have not been before the public eye since 2011, Reuters reports. A trial of sorts ran last week at New York’s Bloomingdales department store, where customers watched as bags were stitched and embossed and handles were assembled.

Hermes has been very successful in bringing its crafts to the public. It has brought silk scarf printing, handbag stitching, and jewelry making to the public under the banner “Festival of Crafts” since 2011. The exhibit has appeared at Plaza 66 in Shanghai.

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