China’s Most Luxurious Villas



When name-brand handbags and private yachts aren’t enough, wealthy Chinese turn to exquisite and luxurious villas.

Ranked on 6 indices including location, natural resources, architectural design, human values, construction materials, safety and privacy, People’s Daily names the 10 most luxurious villas in China of 2013.

Many of these pricey homes are in Beijing and Shanghai, but the most expensive home on this list is in Guangzhou, valued at 380 million rmb (US$61.94 million) at its peak.

10. Riverside Triumphal Arch [Shanghai]


Apartment, Peak Price Per Unit – 58 million rmb (US$9.45 million)

Ranking Score – 72.66

Developed by Sun Hung Kai & Company Ltd., Riverside Triumphal Arch is located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. It covers an area of 61,413 square meters and features a great view as it sits next to the Huangpu River. The compound includes high-rise residential buildings and podium club, low-rise residential buildings, office building, commercial areas, and basement parking lots. Its unit price is the highest the Shanghai and the 4th highest in China.

9. Yuhe River Castle [Beijing]


Villas, Peak Price per Unit – 82 million rmb (US$ 13.37 million)

Ranking Score – 74.82

Location in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, the Yuhe River Castle is home to 170 European single houses, with sizes ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 square meters. Developed by Fortune Real Estate Group, the construction shows elegant European palatial style built with imported limestone from Germany.

8. Pangu Residences [Beijing]


Apartment, Peak Price per Unit – 150 million rmb (US$ 24.45 million)

Ranking Score – 79.96

Pangu Residences is one of the most popular luxury apartment complexes in Beijing. It is located next to the Bird Next and Water Cube, offering the best view of the city. Covering an area of 420,000 square meters, it includes offices, luxury hotels, international apartments, and offers an array of amenities such as luxury clubhouse, state-of-the-art gym, and shopping mall.

7. Tomson Riviera [Shanghai]


Apartment, Peak Price per Unit – 140 million rmb (US$ 22.8 million)

Ranking Score – 80.15

Tomson Riviera is a luxury estate in Lujiazui Central Business District, in the center of Pudong New Area in Shanghai. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, it consists of four high-rise buildings and one senior club, featuring an amazing view of the Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl Tower and Bund. The security at the estate includes a palm print identification system and a twenty-four hour security system.

6. Emperor Zillah [Shanghai]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 150 million rmb (US$24.45 million)

Ranking Score – 83.21

Developed by Shanghai Huazhou Real Estate DevelopmentLtd. Co., Emperor Zillah is a top villa estate in Shanghai. Located on Yinliu Road in Pudong New Area, it consists of 21 single-family houses. Each house covers an area of 1,300 to 1,400 square meters and features its own unique characteristics. All of them have huge gardens, swimming pools, massage pools and indoor elevators.

5. Tianqin Bay [Shenzhen]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 230 million rmb (US$ 37.5 million)

Ranking Score – 87.88

Located in Yitouling Peninsula in eastern Shenzhen, the Tianqin Bay features the most gorgeous sea view in Shenzhen. The design of the villas includes Modern Concise Style, Thai style and the Middle East style. Covering an area of 298,000 square meters, the 48 villas are all equipped with gardens, swimming pools, garages and large terraces. And an additional bonus – the green coverage ratio reached 87 percent, making it a natural oxygen bar.

4. Courtyards by the Canal [Beijing]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 300 million rmb (US$ 48.9 million)

Ranking Score – 89.32

Located alongside the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the property extends from Chang’an Street to Tongzhou – Yanjiao Expressway. The 55 villas were built similarly to traditional Chinese aristocratic houses, featuring a perfect combination of quiet, elegance and solemnity. The exquisite decorations are characterized by Chinese galleries, bridges and fishponds.

3. Vanke Xishan Villa [Dalian]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 200 million rmb (US$ 32.6 million)

Ranking Score – 91.86

Located in Dalian Xicheng International Tourism Business District, it is surrounded by superb facilities, including three huge golf clubs, a wetland park and several luxury hotels. The 167 villas take after the classic British style. The complex also offers the services of an authentic British style butler.

2. La Cadiere Villa [Chengdu]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 180 million rmb (US$ 29.34 million)

Ranking Score – 93.62

As the top villa in Chengdu, La Cadiere Villa has been chosen as one of the top 10 luxury villas in China for two consecutive years because of its neoclassical architecture, exquisite gardens and services. Covering an area of 93.3 hectares, half of the 500 villas will be built next to the lakes. It features excellent facilities, including a 500,000 square meters forest park, a 100,000 square meters fruit park, six islands, two clubs and one mini golf course.

1. Dayi Villa [Guangzhou]


Villa, Peak Price per Unit – 380 million rmb (US$61.94 million)

Ranking Score – 96.75

World famous designers worked on the 20 houses of the Dayi Villa located in the north area of Guangzhou. Their sizes range from 800 to 1,400 square meters, with two to three floors above ground, one to two floors underground and a huge swimming pool. The design of the houses focuses on the harmony with neighboring houses and nature. In addition, a luxury club, which is designed by Ma Yansong, a famous designer, offers an aristocratic experience to the elite.


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